Software revision & Modification

We are updating you current test benches

with our registered LabView / National Instrument, Beckhoff or Panasonic hardware and software.

We undertake the necessary modifications for the mechanical, hydraulic and electrical systems.

We convert the test benches compatible with test related to risk analysis and functional controls as well as the CE norms.

Consultancy and Training

For innovation, technological investment and R&D management,

we provide consultancy and training services and certify the participants for the use and maintenance operations for our test benches.

We support our customers from the project selection to the application and reporting phases for the European Union and local funding mechanisms.

Test auxiliary devices

for ECE R14, R80, R17, R21

related and other test benches,

we manufacture auxiliary devices.

The dimensional and other physical / chemical properties of our test devices are reported and validated by Turkish and other institutions approved by the European accreditation agency.

Custom test services

We provide custom test services for

1. Static force endurance,

2. Life and fatigue tests,

3. Crash and energy dissipation,

4. Other custom test scenarios

The tests carried out in our company and workshop can be approved by 3rd party laboratories.

The requested tests can be monitored via the focused cameras in your office or on your mobile phone.

Virtual visualization

On special purpose virtual reality glasses,

We generate a virtual 3D model to navigate around any automotive part as if it was produced and to be viewed from different perspectives. We can apply different fabrics, patterns or colors on the model and facilitate the pre-production design decision phase.

We can position your design within the main structure. As an example, we visualize the aestethics of a seat in a particular van or caravan. We can walk around inside and outside the virtual vehicle and create the sense of pre-production consistency.

We produce the scaled down prototypes with our 3D printers in our workshop.

The 3D model and any information about your products and servies, which are transmitted to our company are protected with the confidentiality agreements.