is the brandname of

Test Mechatronics

We manfacture industrial test benches.

We love quality, testing, control and analysis, digitization, engineering, excellence. We love this industry and business.

We are professional, sincere and distinguished.

We focus on making life easier and value-added production by digitally connecting people, businesses, processes and objects.

Brief references

  • 1982Establishment

    Our family business started its economic life.
  • 20081st test bench project

    Our first experience was completed as a software revision of a test bench.
  • 2009Company renamed

    The company was renamed as Tokçalar Machinery.
  • 2010Manufacturing of the test bench

    We have manufactured the largest test bench for ECE R14 in Europe within the scope of METU Biltir project,
  • 20182nd generation

    As the second generation, we focused on the test benches.
  • 2019TMEX brandname

    We started to serve our test benches under TMEX brandname. We exported for the first time to Europe to Poland.
  • 2020Test Mechatronics

    In the institutionalization process, we established Test Mechatronics LLC which focuses on the manufacturing of the test benches. We exported to the USA, Netherlands, Germany and Australia.

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